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Blockchain Trust


To empower 2.5 billion unbanked people and young entrepreneurs worldwide with cutting edge and low cost digital payment and trading facilities, secure online banking and serve as a global registration center for decentralized Blockchain companies.


Traditional banks as we know them today started to dominate the financial services industry around the 14th century.

It took some 700 years to disrupt old traditions and to bring true change to the industry.  The DeFi Fintech Revolution has only started but even the old traditional banks have now realized (some a bit too late) that they can choose to get onboard or to meet the fate of the dinosaurs.  


At Blockchain Trust we live and breathe financial and blockchain technology. We develop our own Fintech ideas from scratch in addition to assisting early-stage companies to realize their dreams and turn their vision into global success stories. We are patient, but not patient enough to wait until tomorrow for tomorrow’s technology and UX.

Are you ready for tomorrow? Let’s go there together today!



Modern-day problems require modern-day solutions, and we at the Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority and our sister company Blockchain DigitalCity Bank, are on a mission to guide and support you through all your business and financial hindrances.

With our digital payment solution service, you can provide cutting-edge cashless payment services to your clients, which is at per with the world's largest bank.

2.5 billion people still lack banking services and do not have a bank account. We would like to offer these people a lucrative opportunity to start and grow their businesses by providing our customers and their customers with user-friendly payment applications that you can use on a daily basis and even brand or co-brand in your company name.

Giving our members the advanced payment options they've been clamoring for will generate new, successful revenue streams and create a social impact across the world. If any entrepreneur aims to become a BILLIONAIRE it would be advisable to help a BILLION people and businesses across the world.

By promoting the growth and development of decentralized payment technologies, as well as registering decentralized Blockchain Trusts within the Ethereum & Polygon Network, we are providing a world-class infrastructure and modern payment technologies to assist our global clientele with their day-to-day lives and their business expansion plans.



  • Transparency

  • Efficiency

  • Integrity

  • Honesty




Promoting the interests of members in the fields of law, asset protection, estate planning, trusts and wealth management using Blockchain Technology.


Digital Asset Management services, Custodian & Fiduciary services, the use of Blockchain Technology to Issue and Track Shares as well as to register companies on the Ethereum and Polygon Network. To exploit, buy, sell, hold, trade or invest into Digital assets, patents, licenses, know-how & rights of intellectual property, all secured by the latest Blockchain smart contracts.


To perform all kind of industrial, financial, or commercial investment banking fund and business activities. To act as worldwide Corporate Registrar for Blockchain Companies, enabling global entrepreneurs to strategically position their digital assets and company registrations on the Blockchain.

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