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Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority
Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority

What is a Blockchain Bond?

Often, startups with good projects and products have fewer resources to carry out their intentions. With the problem of funding at play, many efforts have been made to strategically help these businesses raise the required resources to embark on positive productions. One such solution is a Blockchain bond.

Bonds are securities, investment opportunities where investors lend resources to an establishment, government or company for a fixed time. In exchange, they earn profits through regular interest payments at the bond expiration, the fixed date, or maturity. The party who issued the bond returns resources, usually in the form of money, to the lenders. The best way to describe a bond is fixed income. The reason is that invested resources generate returns, usually in fixed payments over the bond’s lifespan.

With the revolution caused by blockchain technology, bonds have taken a new look. A perfect example is the World Bank bond called “bond-i”. This bond was launched in August 2018 and operated as a more sophisticated debt instrument. The Australian Commonwealth Bank (CBA) was responsible for the new bond solution based on the blockchain.

Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority

World Bank Blockchain-Based Bonds (Bond-i)


Bond-i is the first to be created and managed with the blockchain, a decentralized ledger technology. At the creation of the bond, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) raised A$110 million, lasting for two years, with a maturity date slated for August 28th, 2020. Coupon payments were done in arrears twice a year at a 2.2% annual rate.

The Bond-i was part of research carried out by the World Bank’s Blockchain Innovation Lab that was created in June 2017. Their goal was to study the impact of disruptive technologies like the blockchain and review its impact on the economy for growth and improvement.

Subsequently, they were able to achieve secondary bond trading that will as well be recorded on the decentralized ledger. So far, they have maintained the vision of assisting capital markets in achieving safe, efficient and speedy transactions.

The First Private Blockchain Bond, pioneered and created by the

Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority


In our era of the digital revolution, it is pertinent to make opportunities accessible to everyone, every startup, and every investor, no matter how much capital seems to be available. Hence, businesses can set up private blockchain bonds with their blockchain corporations to attract investors and scale their businesses. In less than 15 seconds, you can create, invest and issue faster and more secure private bonds with reduced risks and costs.

The revolution has started, bringing to your doorstep The World’s First Private Digital Blockchain Bond, a Blockchain Operated New Trust Debenture and a single source of truth for investors worldwide, exclusively offered and powered by the Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority.


We provide you the opportunity to establish your own tax-exempt Blockchain Corporation, which can act as an asset protection tool and corporate holding structure or you can use it as an international trading company including the power to buy, sell or trade any cryptocurrency across the world on your behalf or of your future clients. We establish your own Blockchain Corporation without bureaucratic red tape, at a favorable price, and with electronic payment capabilities right from the comfort of your home!

As your one-stop-shop Blockchain Registration Authority we offer a 100% accuracy guarantee, no hidden costs or endless "extras" to pay for, but one all-inclusive price package for the establishment of your Blockchain Company. In addition, we are a Public Benefit Trust Corporation, meaning it’s a for-profit company with a community goal to empower entrepreneurs across the world, similar to a non-profit.


"With our motto, to empower freedom and growth globally, we are determined to preserve and protect the assets of your clients under confidential Blockchain Corporate structures that are 100% tax exempt. This will empower our clients not only to protect their digital and physical assets, but in addition, legally reduce their corporate taxes, which is part of proper and intelligent wealth management for any entrepreneur."


Why Choose Us To Set Up Your Blockchain Company including the Power to issue your own Blockchain Bonds?

The Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority is the leading global domicile for international firms looking to set up their corporate entities on the Blockchain. Blockchain technology has unlocked the hidden potential of the internet and introduced new possibilities across the globe. Our team of professionals has more than 30 years of experience and is well-versed with the inner workings of tax-exempt corporate structures across the world that help thousands of our clients grow their businesses each year.

We believe digital corporate assets will drive the global financial system. Our clients choose Blockchain Company registrations because they need services and solutions they can trust. Our Blockchain Corporate establishments and Blockchain Bond registrations are built on top of the strongest technological foundation in the industry, the Ethereum and Polygon Network, allowing us to provide clients with an integrated solution for digital corporate assets that mitigates risk and optimizes capital efficiency.


If you wish to issue your own Blockchain Corporate Bonds, or your own cryptocurrency and tokens, or your own crypto exchange, or Investment Bank & Blockchain Trust, we are here to serve you and provide you fast track VIP service, so you can go quicker to market.


We offer a refreshing customer service experience. Everything is handled in-house by our legal team of experts. There are no partnerships with third parties, and your information is not sold. When you call or email, you should get a live person right away, or at least get a response within a couple of hours. We makes things easy on our customers without long waiting times and without the bureaucratic 'red tape'.


Tomorrow is not promised; build your future with the first private blockchain bond for your company TODAY!


For a private consultation, please call our offices or write us:  

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